2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints In Texas

Opened: 1978 (current location since 1991)
Pitmaster: Tim Hutchins, 36
Method: Oak (brisket only) and pecan; indirect-heat pits
Rating: 4.5

Wood-paneled walls and black and white photographs give the place an old-school country steakhouse vibe. Hutchins gets about a thousand hormone-free briskets a week almost entirely from Aspen Ridge, out of Greeley, Colorado. Cooked over oak and finished with pecan, they are cut to order on a butcher block at the front of the store, yielding black-crusted pink slices that are as spectacular to look at as to eat.

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…I’ve eaten fine chopped brisket sandwiches, tacos, and even enchiladas made from leftovers, but at Hutchins BBQ in McKinney they’ve found the most regal reuse of brisket in Texas. In the afterlife of brisket, the Texas Twinkies at Hutchins are basically Valhalla.

“There’s close to a quarter pound of meat in each one,” owner Tim Hutchins tells me. I didn’t weigh it, but I can tell you that two of them could make a meal.

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“Best Barbecue… an honor bestowed on Hutchins BBQ this year. The praise heaped on the McKinney joint (there’s a second location in Frisco) is well deserved; traditional barbecue meats such as brisket, rib and sausage are standout examples of the craft, while the chicken and turkey drip with moist smoky flavor. There’s not a weak link among the sides… ”

by Dallas Observer in 2016


We examined rings, pinched bark, and eschewed sauce to find the purveyors of the tastiest smoked meats in the city…. written by Dmagazine, on August 2016

We stood in line and chatted with loyalists, including one thirtysomething man who admitted eating there twice a week for his whole life. As we waited, wafts of pecan wood and smoke whetted our appetites. This is the place to hit if you have a big one and you’re on a budget.

Homey chain with two branches serves the needs of residents in the far northern zones of Frisco or McKinney, where the locals line up at the dinner hour. Half the appeal is the barbecue; the other lure is that it’s all-you-can-eat. Written by  on 8-23-16.

Making ‘Texas Twinkies’ with a BBQ Pitmaster
8/26/2016 – WSJ.com

Before summer barbeque season ends, there’s still time to learn how to make ‘Texas Twinkies’ and pick up grilling secrets from a Texas pitmaster. Dustin Blackwell, from the acclaimed Hutchins BBQ restaurant, joins Tanya Rivero with cooking tips. Photo: Hutchins BBQ


Bow down to the bacon and brisket-powered majesty of the “Texas Twinkie”… written by , on July 15, 2015

Texas Monthly tapped Hutchins as one of the state’s 50 Best BBQ Joints not only for its signature melt-in-your-mouth brisket, but also for standouts like the Texas Twinkie, a wonderfully demented twist on the traditional popper.

Community Impact – Dallas/Fort Worth

Restaurant aims to ‘smoke’ the competition

T-shirt worn by the employees at Hutchins BBQ says it all—“You may all go to Lockhart, but I will go to Hutchins.” Written b

Hutchins BBQ Is Magically Delicious

Hutchins is the real deal BBQ in a land of fake smoked meat. They actually use prime meats…” written by Steven Doyle, Crave DFW, on 5-19-2015.


Their brisket is cooked for 17-18 HOURS over Oak and then rests on Pecan wood which gives it an absolutely incredible flavor. ” Written by ohheydallas on 5-14-2015.


And if you’ve never had burnt ends — those crisp corners of a brisket — this is a great spot to get initiated: Their crusty exterior and tender insides are instantly addictive.” Written by Farah at Swine & Swill on 3-22-2015.

Meet the Founders of Hutchins BBQ

With locations in both McKinney and now Frisco, you can get your hands on signature items like smoked St. Louis Ribs, brisket, and homemade sausage.” Written by Lauryn Bodden at Side Dish on 9-26-2014.

“The Broadcast” is a daytime TV talk show based in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), TX
 January 23, 2015 – Cooking with Hutchins BBQ: Stuffed Jalapenos

BRISKET FOR DAYS: Top 5 barbecue bites from the 2014 TMBBQ Festival

When we complimented Tim Hutchins on the restaurant’s jalapeno sausage, he said the secrets were simple.” Written by Tom Thornton at CultureMap Austin on 9-15-14.


DV: Right now I think you’re as popular as ever. Do you think you’ve hit your stride?” Written by Daniel Vaughn at TM BBQ on July 16, 2014.

Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival 2014

They were my favorite new discovery that day. I didn’t try their brisket this time, but the pork ribs were spot on in every way.” Written by Lisa Rawlinson at Full And Content on 5-19-14.


This doesn’t feel like the sort of brisket you can just accidentally create.” Written by Gavin Cleaver at Dallas Observer on 9-2-2014.

Haul it Over to Hutchins BBQ in McKinney

How many times have you driven by and made yourself a promise to give it a try? Maybe it’s time to stop driving by and start driving in. We think you’ll be happy you did.” Written by Rick Ray at Get McKinney in 2013.

Hutchins BBQ in McKinney sets the bar high for the Posse’s DFW Top 7 Tour

“If I lived up here I’d probably eat here once a week,” Posse co-founder Chris Wilkins said of Hutchins. “I can’t believe how this place has stayed under the radar.” Written by Gary Jacobson at Texas BBQ Posse on June 4, 2013.

Haul it Over to Hutchins BBQ in McKinney

I was sad to leave Hutchins, but I guess all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Daniel Vaughn and the rest of the Texas Monthly crew definitely made a good call including this place in their list of immaculate Texas barbecue.” Written by Jared Kocurek at BBQ Fiend on October 29, 2013.

100 Best Barbecue Restaurants In America

Texas is all about brisket and Hutchins does it well. They cut off a few bites of the pointed end of the brisket (the part used for burnt ends) and these were accurately described by one of the cooks as beef candy.” Written by Johnny Fugitt at Best BBQ Restaurants on January 6, 2014.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Hutchins BBQ
Written by Annie Potasznik, 5 NBCDFW on June 5, 2010

Like ten-gallon hats and Wrangler jeans, BBQ is at the core of what most Texans consider the bedrock of nutrition.

Backyard debates about what constitutes the tastiest Texas-style barbeque easily spill over into discussions about where to order the best brisket, ribs or sausage.

Allow us to throw a sticky bone picked clean your way. Hutchins BBQ in McKinney is family-run operation that pulls dark, shiny tender pieces of meat out of its smoker daily.

A brisket shortage? Say it ain’t so!
From CBS on June 5, 2010

Customers often wonder why prices have fluctuated lately in the BBQ world. This story from CBS highlights the current BBQ shortage, one of the biggest reasons BBQ places across the country have had to make some tough decisions.

Hutchins has been serving up great barbeque since 1978. They’re stacking up awards, most recently having been voted best barbeque in DFW by Dallas Morning News readers.