Every dad needs a hobby, and if the dad in your life wants to take up smoking barbecue, Father’s Day is the perfect time to get him started. The hard part is deciding what to get him, and finding the best barbecue essentials for a new pitmaster may leave you wondering where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a roundup of some of the best Father’s Day gifts to give the barbecue-loving dad in your life. Let’s dig in. 

Any dad can be a chef, and we all probably know a Dad who loves to fire up the grill or try out a few new gadgets in the kitchen. Suppose you want to give your master chef dad a new way to expand his culinary skills. In that case, smoking barbecue is definitely the way to go. It’s a beautiful way to encourage your food-loving dad to pick up new skills and create delicious meals while doing so. He just needs the right gadgets to get started, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to give these items as a gift. Below are some essentials to consider when giving your dad the ideal barbecue-related Father’s Day gift. 

Traditional Southern barbecue is made by slow-smoking meat to create a tender, richly flavored dish. A smoker is a must-have accessory for any dad wanting to become a barbecue master. The smoker’s smoke will penetrate the meat to its core, tenderizing it and spreading an even flavor throughout the dish. 

There are numerous types of smokers on the market. They each have different designs and will use a specific fuel type to generate the necessary smoke. For example, depending on your dad’s needs, you may choose a charcoal smoker, electric smoker, pellet smoker, propane smoker or wood smoker. If you choose a charcoal or wood smoker, you’ll often get a wonderful flavor of the fuel source within the meat. 

If your dad already has a gas grill, then a smoker box is an ideal and easy way to convert it into its own smoker. There are various shapes and sizes of smoker boxes, so do your research to ensure you choose the one that best fits your dad’s grill. 

Using a smoker box is also very easy. Simply fill the smoker box with your choice of wood chips, small chunks or pellets. Once it’s loaded, place it on the cooking grate of the grill over direct heat. Heat the grill until the wood starts to smoke, and then reduce the heat on either side you’re cooking on, and leave the smoker box over direct heat. When you’re ready to start cooking, place the food over the side away from the smoker box. Keeping the smoker box over direct heat and the food away ensures that the food will cook and get a smoky flavor without charring or overcooking. 

The sheer number of dishes that can be barbecued would overwhelm anyone, and your dad may need help knowing where to start when learning new recipes. A barbecue cookbook is a great Father’s Day Gift that will keep him entertained with plenty of new recipes to expand his skills. Moreover, cookbooks are often filled with anecdotes and tips to help Dad pick up on a few helpful tricks to take his barbecue game to the next level. 

While barbecue is a relatively low-maintenance food, a real pitmaster still needs his collection of tools to help him prepare his meals. Just a few items to consider include: 

  • A heat-resistant apron and gloves. 
  • Tongs and skewers. 
  • A durable, high-volume seasoning shake. 
  • A baster and brushes for keeping meat moist and spreading sauce. 
  • A meat thermometer. 
  • A new Tupperware set that can help your dad store his creations once they are cooked. 

Of course, if your dad likes experimenting with different flavors, there’s no time like Father’s Day to give him a few new barbecue sauces or dry rub mixes. Your local farmer’s market and multiple independent food stores in your area will likely offer small-business-made options. And if you want a simple solution, head over to the Hutchins BBQ online store, where you can order a selection of our delicious sauces and dry rub seasonings before Father’s Day arrives. 

If you’ve ever seen a “Kiss the Cook” apron, you probably know that most dads love some neat swag when they’re in the kitchen. Why not give yours something to wear at the smoker? While perusing the Hutchins BBQ store for the perfect spice combination, pick up some of our quality Hutchins-branded hats or t-shirts. They’re super soft, durable and something your dad can wear forever. 

And if you want to treat Dad to a special barbecue meal on Father’s Day, Hutchins BBQ is the place to come. Join us in-store for some barbecue favorites, or check out our delivery and catering options if you want to feed a crowd. Whatever Father’s Day barbecue you plan, we have something for everyone. 


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