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Make BBQ Part of Your Holiday Meal Plan

One thing that most people associate the holidays with is a delicious meal. After all, nothing says family, fellowship and celebration like a meal made with love. Countless memories are usually made around the holiday table.

To Hutchins BBQ, one cuisine that genuinely represents the warm, welcoming spirit of the holiday season is barbecue. We know we're biased, but barbecue truly represents everything the holidays are about. After all, it is made with care, craft, the spirit of tradition and, yes, love. 

So, if you think that barbecue is only something to be served during the summer holidays, you may find that you're missing out. Barbecue is a fantastic option to incorporate into your holiday meal plan for multiple reasons (besides the fantastic taste). Let's take a closer look at a few of those.

You Can Feed a Crowd With Barbecue

One hallmark of barbecue is that it's often relatively easy to make a quantity of it. Indeed, when you research the history of barbecue, you'll almost certainly come across black-and-white pictures of masses of savory, dripping meats smoking the day away over open-air pits. Of course, technology has evolved these days, and smokers of every shape and size have replaced the pits. Still, the sentiment remains the same. Barbecue is something you do with your friends, family and community. This holiday season, your smoker can help you prepare a large quantity of meat for your family reunion, Christmas party or New Year's Eve bash! That way, you won't have to worry about how you'll be able to feed all your relatives who are coming to town.

Good Homemade Barbecue Takes Time, But Not Too Much Effort

Don't get us wrong; preparing your perfect barbecue is always done with care and attention. But most of the preparation time is usually spent on the smoking process rather than seasoning the meat. Once your meat is in the smoker, you typically leave it alone to do its business. Of course, if you use a sauce on your meat, you may have to baste it periodically. Or, if your smoker or recipe requires, you may have to turn the meat from time to time. Otherwise, preparing the perfect BBQ requires only keeping an eye on the meat and an eye on the clock. That way, you can celebrate the holidays rather than spend time standing over a hot stove.

Barbecue Can Save Space in the Kitchen

The traditional BBQ smoker is not located in your kitchen but outside, making it a great extra preparation area for your holiday meals. 

Okay, we know you may wonder how trying to cook outdoors in fall and winter is a positive thing. Consider, however, that many parts of Texas are known for their mild temperatures during the holiday season. Weather permitting, taking some of your meal prep outside to your smoker may be a great idea, especially if you are planning a family feast. For one, you can free up oven and counter space for other use. Also, if you didn't already know, you can prepare more than just barbecued meat in your smoker (there are many recipes for smoked pies, for instance).

Hutchins BBQ is Here for You this Holiday Season

Maybe you don't have time to prepare a full barbecue meal for your family reunion, office party or holiday dinner. However, Hutchins BBQ can make it happen. 

We offer a full slate of catering and family-style carryout options to help you forget the preparation and the mess and simply dig in. If you're planning for a party of 75 or more, visit our Catering Services page for more information and to fill out our request form. 

If you are looking to feed a smaller group, we also offer delivery and setup services for smaller parties with either a 20-person or $400 minimum required. For another option, visit our Menu to learn more about our Food Pack options, which are perfect for feeding the family. We guarantee we've got your next holiday meal covered