Football’s biggest night is around the corner, and if you’re like most fans, you’re starting to think about how you will celebrate. The big game is an American tradition; for most of us, watching the game also means digging into some delicious game-day food. 

If you have ever been to a football watch party or a tailgate, you probably know that food is a central part of the experience. And because football is an American tradition, it only makes sense to include some classic American cuisine. That’s why you’ll often find barbecue somewhere on the menu.  

To Hutchins BBQ, making barbecue part of your game-day plan is always a good idea. Barbecue is as American as football and apple pie, and what’s more, it’s a fantastic party food for multiple reasons. This blog will look at some practical reasons you should include barbecue in your game day menu. We’ll also pass along a few ideas for unique dishes to add to your table at the next big game. 

If you attend a football party in the South, you’ll likely see that at least one person has barbecued something. If you attend a tailgate, you’ll likely even see someone who has brought their smoker with them for the party. That is because barbecue is not only a great game-day food, but also a great social food for several reasons: 

  • Barbecue is slow-cooked and can smoke for hours with relatively little attention from the chef. With barbecue in the smoker, you don’t have to spend hours preparing the food. You can instead spend time socializing with your friends and family. After all, why should you miss the game just because you are too busy trying to get the food ready? 
  • You can feed a crowd with barbecue. Your smoker gives you copious room to prepare a large amount of smoked meat (and other smoked foods). In fact, smokers usually provide much more space than even a double oven. 
  • There are many types of meat that you can barbecue—brisket, chicken, pork and sausage, to name a few—which enables you to offer various choices that are sure to please a crowd. What’s more, you can prepare plenty of other foods besides meat in your smoker. You’ll even find quite a few recipes out there for barbecued meat alternatives for those who do not consume meat or other animal products. 

And while it may sound cliched, barbecue has a history that is almost as long as football’s. It has become the food of choice served on special occasions and holidays of all varieties. It is something that is enjoyed by almost everyone, and there are many different things you can do with it. In fact, with your trusty smoker in hand, there is virtually no limit to the delicious creations you can create. 

It’s virtually impossible to list all of the delicious barbecue creations that you can create for game day. A few options include smoked brisket, sausage, pulled pork and barbecued chicken. You can serve sliders, barbecued wings, sausage hot dogs, and more. All of these are sure to please (and feed) a crowd. 

But if you want to make your game day meal prep even more effortless, come to Hutchins BBQ. We offer a full slate of catering and carryout services for your game-day dining experience. A few of our popular dishes for the big day include our famous Texas Twinkies, ribs and brisket. We offer carryout options at both our Frisco and McKinney locations (with a 5-lb. minimum ) Our delivery menu is available for parties with a 20-person or $400 minimum. So, whatever your plans for the big game, we can make it happen. Just give us a call today to get your order in on time. 


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